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Community Development




Dewdrop Foundation is delivering a holistic approach to sustainable Community development. The organization has adopted Umuode Community in Nkanu East Local Government Area of Enugu State as its primary location for showcasing a successful Community Model. This is being achieved by implementing the “GHEEE Model” for:

  • An inclusive Community Governance structure and processes, with enhanced economic growth in which community members must:
  • Be Healthy
  • Get Education and skills
  • Promote Entrepreneurship and
  • Protect/sustain their Environment and natural resources


This GHEEE model approach developed by OH for collective design and collaborative implementation of development activities in communities will ensure the individual and collective wellbeing of the members of the community.

This is an essential and primary building bloc in local, national and global development. It plays out locally within national frameworks with impacts on global levels and agenda. In other words, localisation is very much intertwined with globalisation. We create systematic linkages between the components of the Care & Capacity Development sections; and a systematic approach in implementation of the components. If, for instance, a rural community’s development plan is well designed and implemented within the framework of the State and globalisation, it will ensure the wellbeing of its people as well as provide a model of how important community development is to national and global peace and security- which are very necessary for the UN Sustainable Development Goals Agenda (SDGs).

Dewdrop Foundation and OH will work with like-minded NGOs, Government MDAs and Community leaders in other parts of the nation and abroad to domesticate and implement this development model.


ACTIVITIES (Since 2006)



  • Umuode Community Stakeholders’ Workshop – Using Umuode as a case study for the GHEEE Development model
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Review & Update of Community’s Constitution
  • NEEDS Assessment (with Enugu State Government Agency)



  • Medical Missions/Health Assessment Events (including Community Health Insurance) for Women, Men, Elderly & Youths
  • Eldercare: Social Meeting Centre (Obi Ndi Ishii) for male Elders
  • Monthly medical mission for the elderly
  • First Responders’ Training in fire-fighting and other emergencies



  • Adult Education Program (since 2017)
  • Project Monitoring & Evaluation training program on how to evaluate project outcomes periodically, address intervention gaps, strengthen commitment to the project goal/objectives, carry out an end-term evaluation to identify good practices and share same with stakeholders.
  • Sponsorship of “Healthy Meals for School Pupils” Program at Alpha Nursery/Primary School, Umuode since 2013.
  • Development of a Nursery/Primary school for (internally displaced) Umuode Community in Nkanu-East LGA, Enugu State, Nigeria to provide access to formal education; improve their knowledge, standards, and academic performance. The project includes donation of text books, teachers’ training materials, school bags and other supplies to the pupils.
  • Catering & hospitality skills development for youths (especially women & female youths), aimed at making them self-reliant, thus alleviate poverty.
  • Research and Revival of Traditional African Hospitality



  • Workshops/Retreats on Songhai Farm Model for Umuode Agro/Eco-city Project
  • Workshop on sustainable natural resources land management aimed at mobilising women and unemployed youths in modern agriculture
  • SME Farm Projects: Training & setup of Fish, Poultry, piggery by youths (ongoing since 2015)
  • Training in housekeeping, catering & other industry-related skills for individuals interested in the hospitality industry (program started since 2008/2009)
  • Training program in beekeeping for women in Ushaffa village FCT (2004)



  • Research on indigenous economic plants & trees
  • Annual Tree Planting exercise
  • Alpha Primary School-Green Team, Umuode



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