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Dewdrop Foundation (DDF) is a not-for-profit organization established in 2002 and duly registered with appropriate government authorities such as (CAC, NPC, SCUML) etc.

DDF started as an organization whose work largely focused on Caregivers. However, our field experience over the years on the intersecting challenges faced by rights holders, led to our additional focus on community development issues as key for addressing and eliminating the root causes of labour and human rights abuses in rural communities.

Our areas right holders / target groups are the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups who are largely women, children, the elderly, youths and domestic workers in the informal care sector.


Dewdrop’s vision is to develop and implement tailored sustainable programs for effective capacity building and poverty reduction at grassroots levels, empowering women and youth, and communities to be self-sufficient and empowered members of the society.


Our mission is to contribute to sustainable grass-root community development, by enhancing gender equality, and improving the welfare of vulnerable groups such as Women and Children, the Elderly, Domestic workers and Youths through education, capacity building, entrepreneurship/empowerment programs, advocacy, and by inspiring positive cultures.
To effectively achieve Dewdrop Foundation’s vision/mission, we work in collaboration with Other Half Empowerment Initiative (OH) to design and implement OH’s “GHEEES” model for modern and rural community development.

Our areas of mandate are:
1. Elder Protection and Care of vulnerable persons
2. Women’s Empowerment and
3. Community Development


Elder protection and care of vulnerable persons: DDF works to prevent elder violence and abuse in communities through awareness campaigns, police advice and establishing platforms – called Seenagers Associations – that give the elderly a voice to speak out about issues of concern to them.

We are currently implementing a project on curtailing elder abuse in communities starting with the South East Zone as a pilot. The overall goal of the project is to establish policies that criminalize elder abuse at state level, as well as strengthening the capacities of elders and their care-givers. It is our wish to share as well as replicate some of the good practices of the above initiatives in other states in Nigeria.


Women’s empowerment: We advocate for transformative, sustainable and inclusive governance with special attention to women’s leadership in communities deeply rooted in patriarchal structures, in order to achieve mind-set and behavioural change, as well as support communities to review their constitutions from a gender friendly perspective.


Community Development: Our programmes involve entrepreneurial and vocational skills acquisition for members of the community especially women and youth.

Through our sister organization, Dewdrop Institute is a City and Guilds accredited vocational training institute, we also provide internationally acclaimed certification in Health and Social Care as well as in various City & Guilds diploma courses in Hospitality Services, aimed at increasing the skill set of youths in Nigeria, and to provide access to job opportunities for them.

Contact Info


Abuja Office: 5A River Benue Street, Maitama – Abuja Nigeria

Enugu Office: 24 Bishop Onyeabor Street, Enugu Nigeria

Phone:(+234) 908 016 1319 (+234) 903 311 6601


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