Advocacy is a practical tool to reduce poverty and injustice by “creating a voice” for the target groups and empowering them as well as those who are concerned about them. This requires us to work for policy change and challenge those who withhold justice. Effective advocacy addresses both immediate issues and the root causes — with key stakeholders such as policy makers and decision makers in governments, institutions, and the general public, amongst others.

DDF defends and promotes the rights of the vulnerable in our society especially women, children, the elderly, youths, and communities. An essential element of Dewdrop Foundation’s advocacy is building a relationship with those whose needs are underrepresented especially Women, Children, the Elderly, Domestic Assistants etc., and bringing their interests/issues to the attention of Governments, Corporate entities, or the general public in ways that address them effectively.

Some of our primary focuses are national recognition of domestic workers’ rights in Nigeria for enhanced livelihood, elimination of child domestic labour, and gender issues. Our main strategy for achieving our domestic workers’ objective is by promoting “Domestic/Homecare Service” as a formal, legitimate and decent professional career with adequate training, job and growth opportunities in Nigeria. Our goal is to ensure that the Domestic Care Providers are knowledgeable, well paid, enjoy social benefits including health insurance, training opportunities, pension scheme; and that they have opportunities to continue to develop themselves and possibly grow into successful entrepreneurs in their chosen professions. DDF is also collaborating with other stakeholders to provide an organized platform which will enhance access of Domestic Service Providers to their rights, social services and benefits.


 ACTIVITIES (Since 2004)


Child Rights, Protection & Welfare:

  • Awareness Program for Stakeholders & Owners of Crèches & Nursery Schools
  • Orphanages’ Support Program (in partnership with NWAG)


Rights of Domestic Servants:

  • Awareness Program on Modern Day Slavery, Labour & Human Rights
  • Rehabilitation of rescued Domestic Servants


Women’s Rights, Entrepreneurship & Gender Mainstreaming:

  • Umuode Women Association
  • Ushaffa Women in FCT


Rights & Welfare of Senior People/Elderly:

  • Butterfly Place – A Seenagers’ Club (Activities: survey & events)
  • Umuode Seenagers’ Association (USA) – (Activities: Town hall meeting, Monthly events, Benefits etc.)



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Contact Info


Abuja Office: 5A River Benue Street, Maitama – Abuja Nigeria

Enugu Office: 24 Bishop Onyeabor Street, Enugu Nigeria

Phone:(+234) 908 016 1319 (+234) 903 311 6601


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