Covid 19 Response

Providing medical outreach  to rural communities as palliatives is an important aspect of work even before the COVID 19 pandemic.

As we have been confronted with the simultaneous challenge of combatting the public health crisis of the pandemic alongside  a weakening economy. Given the mounting evidence that the social and economic impacts of these twin crises are likely to be significant, Dewdrop Foundation  interventions  can help mitigate such negative impacts. 

Alleviating the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis is vital for preventing poverty from deepening and increasing in Nigeria; before the crisis, approximately 4 in 10 Nigerians were living below the national poverty line, and millions more were living just above the poverty line, making them vulnerable to falling back into poverty when shocks occur.

Our Work in Combating Negative effects of COVID 19  include 

Providing Safety Information:

Providing information on the important preventative measures against coronavirus such as wearing masks, handwashing avoiding gatherings and social distancing. 


Combating the  impact on employment and income which  have also been widespread, according to a World Bank survey. 42% of respondents who were working before the outbreak reported that they were not currently working due to COVID-19. 

The impact of COVID-19 has been most strongly felt in the commerce, service, and agriculture sectors. 79% of respondents reported that their households’ total income has decreased since mid March 2020.



 Many  households struggle  to purchase staple foods like yam, rice and beans during the  pandemic.  The most widely reported shock experienced by households is an increase in prices of major food items  with households resorting to reducing food consumption. 

Online Education 

The pandemic has also affected children’s education. Among households with children attending school prior to their nationwide closure in March, only 62% reported that their children had engaged in any learning/educational activities since the closure

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