Dewdrop Foundation and COSROPIN Healthy Ageing 3 Kilometer Walk.
The Dewdrop Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the well-being of senior citizens, partnered with COSROPIN, a Coalition of Societies for the Rights of Older Persons in Nigeria came into being to address the myriad issues facing older persons in Nigeria.. The primary objective of the event was to raise awareness about the importance of regular physical activity and healthy ageing among older adults in the community.

The event was meticulously organized by the Dewdrop Foundation and COSROPIN, with careful attention to detail. A dedicated organizing committee was formed, comprising representatives from both organizations, who worked together to ensure the smooth execution of the walk.

The Ongoing Healthy Ageing 3 Kilometer Walk saw a significant turnout of participants, primarily consisting of senior citizens from the local community. In addition to the elderly, family members, volunteers, and healthcare professionals also joined the event to show their support.

Key Activities:
The walk event encompassed various activities aimed at promoting physical fitness, social interaction, and overall well-being. Prior to the walk, participants engaged in warm-up exercises led by professional trainers to ensure their readiness for the physical activity. Along the walk route, several water and refreshment stations were set up to keep participants hydrated.

To foster a sense of community and engagement, interactive sessions and group discussions were organized during the walk. These sessions focused on topics such as healthy eating habits, exercise routines, and mental well-being for seniors. Experts from the healthcare field and geriatric specialists were invited to provide valuable insights and answer participants’ questions.

Impact and Benefits:
The Healthy Ageing 3 Kilometer Walk had a positive impact on both the participants and the community as a whole. By promoting physical activity, the event encouraged seniors to adopt a healthier lifestyle, improving their overall physical and mental well-being. The walk also fostered social connections among participants, reducing feelings of isolation and enhancing their sense of belonging.

Furthermore, the event generated awareness about the importance of healthy ageing, inspiring community members to actively support and care for senior citizens. It served as a catalyst for initiating dialogues and actions towards developing age-friendly environments and policies within the community.

The collaboration between the Dewdrop Foundation and COSROPIN for the Ongoing Healthy Ageing 3 Kilometer Walk successfully achieved its objectives of promoting physical activity, social interaction, and healthy ageing among older adults. By organizing such events, organizations like the Dewdrop Foundation and COSROPIN continue to make a significant impact on the well-being of seniors and the overall community.