One of Dewdrop Foundation’s focus area is eldercare advocacy, which is very much in line with the priorities of the WHO Global strategy and action plan on ageing and health.

Dewdrop Foundation  works to takes concrete actions that are needed to achieve the objectives such as;

To Ensure the human resources necessary for integrated care

Promote research that addresses the needs of older people
Dewdrop collects data on the needs of the elderly through it’s Eldercare Hotline 0700DEWCARE. Elder abuse prevention is possible when there is credible information from victims who are facing any kind of abuse or neglect.

 Lay the foundations for a long-term-care system in every country 

To ensure Older people and care givers get the care and support they need to live with dignity and enjoy their basic human rights. Dewdrop Foundation has safe spaces for the elderly  in rural communities. “Seenager’s Associations” have become a useful tool for supporting the mental and social wellbeing  of the elderly.


Undertake a global campaign to combat ageism

The Global Strategy of the WHO also encourages CSOs to undertake a global campaign to combat ageism Dewdrop Foundation promotes #StopElderAbuse campaign through social media posts and art competitions.  The 2020 Art and Essay competition saw entries from over 70 young people from over 10 States in Nigeria.



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