A life well planned leads to less frustrations as one ages – Other Half Empowerment Initiative Conducts Lifecycle Management Training for Dewdrop Foundation’s project beneficiaries

On 19th March 2020, Community Mobilizers and Seenagers (elderly persons) from the Dewdrop Foundation and CGE Africa Project on curtailing elder abuse in communities too part in a workshop on Lifecycle Management. The objectives of the workshop was to acquaint older and younger persons with the birth to death (life cycle) process in order to plan one’s life well, so as not to get caught of with the frustrations of life which come as a result of living a life not well planned. The workshop was facilitated by her Excellency Mrs Regina Amadi-Njoku, founder of Other Half Empowerment Initaitive (Other Half).

Mrs. Agatha Nnaji, ED of Dewdrop Foundation, warmly welcomed everyone to the workshop, stating that it is only when a person properly cares for him/herself that he or she will be able to show care to other people.  

Mrs. Amadi-Njoku stated that some of the reasons elderly people mostly live in neglect is because they did not begin early to plan for their old age. She stated that “it is important for every individual to make their long term life plan as it will help them put their old age to good use”. 

She explained the different lifecycles and further talked about the importance of gender balance in the society. She stated that women are a vital part of the society and therefore should be given the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the society. She mentioned that women play leadership roles in the communities which bring about positive change like the annual August meetings. To buttress this, she mentioned that the early Igbo/African culture had women at the leadership stage until colonialism happened. In closing, she made a pact with the community mobilizers to always treat the Seenagers with respect, care and compassion. 

In attendance were also H.E Lady Nkem Wadibia Anyanwu, and Dr. Chidi Ugwu (a medical doctor volunteering in the project).

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