After a protracted lockdown which started in March 2020 for many States in Nigeria, the Seenagers (elders) of our 11 project communities from the project on curtailing elder abuse, being funded by Oxfam-Voice and implemented by Dewdrop foundation and CGE Africa, held their first meeting.  Before the pandemic, the Seenagers held monthly meetings in safe spaces where they spoke up about issues of concern such as access to health care and the importance of ending elder abuse in the communities.


The first meeting resumed in Akpuoga Nike community on 26 July 2020 on Uka Eke day. The Seenagers lamented on how much they had missed the meetings which made them feel relevant again in the society. They also said that the interruption of the meetings affected them mentally. The community mobilizers of the project briefed them on the importance of reducing physical contact as well as observing safety guidelines to prevent contracting the Covid-19 virus especially since they are the most vulnerable population. Other communities were also not left out in starting their Seenager’s association meetings

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