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WHO estimates that 15.7% of people 60 years and older are subjected to abuse. These prevalence rates are likely to be underestimated as many cases of elder abuse are not reported. In Nigeria, people in villages are largely ignorant of the causes of age- induced ailments/disability caused by memory loss, especially Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease which makes people “act strange” and are often labelled witches (in the case of women).

Our intervention: To mitigate elder abuse in communities and households, Dewdrop Foundation is creating safe spaces/platforms where the elders (or Seenagers) can speak up about issues of concern to them. It is our wish that these platforms will be replicated in other communities. Together with its partner CGE Africa, a policy brief on criminalizing elder abuse in Enugu state was presented to the governor of the state including its legislature.


 To date, over 800 elders in Enugu have been impacted by our project, however, the covid 19 pandemic has affected their ability to attend their monthly meetings and health awareness programmes.

Through our Institute; Dewdrop Institute, we are currently offering training for caregivers, notably the Specialist curriculum for obtaining a Personal Care Services certificate in order to provide professional care services for the elderly.

Our objectives are to 


(a) sensitize the general public especially young persons about preventing abuse on elderly persons 


(b) promote social activities and experiences that bring the Youth together with Elderly persons and provide opportunities for them to interact and engage with each other

 (c) help older adults and youth develop relationships with one another that reduce stereotypes and build  a sense of personal and societal identity while encouraging tolerance.

100% of your donation goes to help those in need. We are stewards of your donation and work to get those in need the resources that they so desperately need. 

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Abuja Office: 5A River Benue Street, Maitama – Abuja Nigeria

Enugu Office: 24 Bishop Onyeabor Street, Enugu Nigeria

Phone:(+234) 908 016 1319 (+234) 903 311 6601


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