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Dewdrop Foundation empowers the largest population of unskilled, unemployed and underemployed poor women and widows through grass-root awareness programs for political inclusion and economic empowerment, skills development/capacity building, advocacy and entrepreneurship training to ensure self-reliance and lifelong career opportunities.



In Nigeria aging constitutes an important discussion due to increasing elderly population. In Nigeria, our elderly parents are dear to us. Unfortunately most “successful’ children live with their immediate families in the cities while their aged parents live alone and most often retire to the villages. Dewdrop Foundation’s goal is to ensure that such senior citizens/retirees get the much needed professional care and loving companionship to enable them age gracefully and live longer. The Foundation supports Senior Citizens/the Elderly to form Associations focused on supporting each other, addressing their common needs, and providing a voice for the Elderly/Aged in the society.

The Foundation also provides skills/capacity building and job opportunities for Caregivers, focused on Elderly-care and enables such Caregivers to become self-reliant through entrepreneurship and empowerment programs.



Dewdrop Foundation’s Childcare program is designed to train potential and active caregivers to become skilled professional Childcare providers in day-care centres, crèches, nursery/primary schools, private homes, etc. The aim is to significantly improve the standard of service delivery in childcare, strengthen the capacity of childcare providers thereby reduce infant mortality rate and other health issues that children are exposed to due to unskilled caregiving. Such trainees also go through entrepreneurship training to enable them become self-reliant by owning businesses such as Crèches, Day-care centres, Nursery/Primary schools, etc.



A large proportion of the Nigerian workforce; an estimated 4 million people – is made up of domestic workers who serve as maids, cooks, stewards, child/baby nurses, gardeners and those that look after the sick, aged or disabled in private homes. This group of informal labour are in high demand and provide essential care services to the community. They enable the teeming professionals working in corporate organizations and public sector to pursue and achieve their dreams; thus they indirectly contribute to the GDP in any nation.

Dewdrop Foundation empowers Domestic Assistants in Nigeria through customised lifelong Learning programs in Homecare, Childcare, Eldercare, Hospitality and Tourism Industry practises. The Foundation’s goal is to infuse top quality standards and professionalism into the domestic service workforce, provide life-long learning and entrepreneurship opportunities for Caregivers.



In our globalized world, trafficking in human beings, especially women and children has increased in both magnitude and in reach, becoming a major human rights concern. At Dewdrop Foundation we create awareness at grass-root level targeted at groups that are vulnerable to trafficking. We also empower them through our skills development/capacity building programs to be self-reliant.



A comprehensive leadership course designed to train the Community Leaders & Stakeholders on inclusive Governance, Healthcare, Education, Economic empowerment and sustainable Environmental programs to ensure the overall wellbeing of their people. It also includes the principles of gender equality and rights, aimed at empowering women to participate in political leadership decision making processes and increase their economic capacity to contribute effectively to their family socio-economic needs.


YOUTHS (especially the Girl-child & School Dropouts)

Drop out from school is a global phenomenon. In Nigeria, people dropout from school for various reasons like early marriage, pregnancy, religious factors, socio-economic factors, school related factors and ill health. Dewdrop Foundation intervention in this area includes; sensitization programs as well as skills development in Childcare, Adult-care, Domestic Assistant, Housekeeping and Hospitality Management.

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Enugu Office: 24 Bishop Onyeabor Street, Enugu Nigeria

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