Due to the incessant conflicts and attacks faced by many in the different states in  Nigeria, there has been loss of lives and properties. A large number of Nigerians today predominantly women and children are displaced with no proper shelters over their heads. Many displaced persons in their thousands are living in poverty and despondency.

Displacement is therefore a form of negative social change. It is an unplanned sudden movement of people seeking protection from violence. Internally displaced persons were forcefully driven from their natural or original place of residence or homes through violence. IDPs are forced to leave their homes or they are maimed or killed while their properties are destroyed and their economic sources of livelihood decimated.

With a population of 4500 persons, the Kuchingoro IDPs are a mix of persons from Bauchi, Plateau, Adamawa, and over 90% from Borno State.
Another noteworthy concern is the dehumanizing condition of the IDPs. The IDPs had migrated to the camp since 2014; however the concern of the government towards them was visible only during the first year. They depended more on humanitarian assistance – from Faith Based Organizations (FBOs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and well-meaning Nigerians.

We attend monthly seenager/the Elderly meeting at Kuchingoro IDP camp to attend to their welfare, medical and emotional needs, we engage in physical exercises, listen to their personal needs and find possible ways to solve them.

At Dewdrop Foundation, our  goal is to ensure that  senior citizens at  get the much needed professional care and loving companionship to enable them age gracefully and live longer. The Foundation supports Senior Citizens/the Elderly at the Kuchingoro IDP camp to form Associations focused on supporting each other, addressing their common needs, and providing a voice for the Elderly/Aged in the society.

We also provide skills/capacity building and job opportunities for Caregivers, focused on Elderly-care and enables such Caregivers to become self-reliant through entrepreneurship and empowerment programs.